Kate Smith Jewellery Design

WHO: Kate of Kate Smith Jewellery Design.The Jewellery Quarter, Birmingham
WHAT: I've been running a successful contemporary jewellery design business since 2001 and am a mom to two spirited (read: boisterous and crazy) boys, aged 4 & 7.
Firstly, I guess I would like to celebrate all the women (and men!) who manage to balance the whole working/parenting thing - it's tough gig!
Secondly, I returned to work when both of my babies were still very little. Partly because my business really needed me to, but also because of a personal need to maintain my own identity. At first I felt guilt that I wanted to do this when so many other moms were taking a year + off work and had no desire to return.
Anyway, I realised after a lot of time wasted harbouring these unhelpful these feelings (which contributed to post the natal depression that I experienced) that it was actually ok to want to do this; it was right because it was right for us

One size of parenting doesn't it all and that should be celebrated - moms and dads shouldn't be pigeonholed into what societies expectations of parenting should be.

I hope that as a working mom who runs a creative business, I am demonstrating not only a strong work ethic to my children but also showing them that there are many varied opportunities out there to be explored.




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